2015 Teams

Team #1 – Marshall and Rigel Jessen – McClellanville ,SC
This father/son team is building for the fifth time together. Marshall, a 16 year veteran of the Challenge, took first place in 2002, 2005 and 2006. He’s also a powerful rower. This year he has some extra help from Rigel’s younger brother, Aiden.

Team #2 – Bobby Staab and Josh Fulp – Cape Carteret NC and Morehead City NC
Bobby has directed and coached the boat building team at Croatan High School since its inception. Josh is a four time winner of the Beaufort High School Division and a recipient of the N.C. Boat Building Heritage Foundation High School Achievement Award. This team is going after the triple crown, having won the Challenge in Beaufort NC and Belfast ME.

Team #3 – Joe and Jess Ford – Pawleys Island, SC
Joe, a Pawleys Island resident, is a mechanical engineer and general contractor specializing in custom built homes and renovations. He built his first boat, a PT109 RC Model at age 13 and his first wooden jon boat at age 23. Jess, a Fort Mill, SC native, is a navy veteran and retired electrical engineer. He enjoys building custom doors, cabinets, rosettes and “anything that provides a journeyman’s challenge to another aspect of woodworking. Jess’ entry into the Challenge was a Father’s Day gift from son Joe. This is their first attempt at the Challenge.

Team #4 – David Scott and Jeffrey Scott Hillger – Sinking Springs OH and Hillsboro OH
David is an AG/IND Mechanics Instructor. He’s has built two boats and “because of that he is an experienced swimmer”. He is married to his kindergarten sweetheart and is the father of four daughters and nine grandchildren. Jeffrey, building with his father-in-law, is married to Joe’s youngest daughter, Hannah. He owns and operates a fine furniture company. This team is competing for the first time. Team #4 and #5 are related and making the Wooden Boat Show a family vacation.

Team #5 – Adam Brown and Adam Myers – Winchester OH and Peebles OH
Adam Brown is a rotating equipment engineer with “zero boat building experience in all types of redneck construction (deer blinds, outhouses, etc.)”. Adam resides in the bustling metropolis of Winchester with his wife Sara, their three children and his bird dog Jed. Adam Myers is an electrical engineer with General Electric Aviation. He also claims to have no boat building experience, but they have built two practice boats since making that statement. He lives in Peebles, OH with his wife Ashley and their three children. This is their first attempt at the Challenge.

Team #6 – Bruce Fleming Jr. and Bruce Fleming III – Jacksonville, FLA and Ashville NC
This father/son team is building for the third time. Bruce Jr, retired from the navy after thirty years is currently the dockmaster at The Marina in Jacksonville where he keeps his Hardin 45 ketch. Bruce III is a licensed general contractor and enjoys woodworking, camping, hiking and gardening. They came in 4th in 2013 with a time of 2:12:38.

Team #7 – Mike Erickson and Alex Gracin – North Charleston SC and Heflin AL
Mike, a Kokomo IN native, is looking forward to having a good time and hopefully a better finish than last year. He built a practice Bateau over the winter. Alex, a Heflin Al native enjoys building guitars in his spare time. This is their second attempt at the Challenge.

Team #8 – Stephen Woody Truluck and Charles Dudley Cook – Georgetown SC and John’s Island SC
Stephen, a College of Charleston graduate, is “an eagle scout, a yachtsman, a business owner, a gentleman and a scholar, a jack of all trades and master of none.” Charles, also a College of Charleston graduate with a major in Historic Preservation, is an indoor fishing and mobile food boat “ capitan” who “wings it the best he can…” This is their first attempt at the Challenge.

Team #9 – Keane and Craig McLaughlin – Charleston SC
The McLaughlin brothers have built several boats ranging in size from 8” to 40”. Keane is a landscape architect for a large engineering firm. Craig owns and operates a boutique Graphic Design/Advertising firm. This is their fourth attempt at the Challenge. They tied for 2nd place last year with a finishing time of 2:46:36.

Team #10 – Sherwood Lapping and Jenks Ravenel – Charlotte NC
Sherwood is a general contractor and a life-long woodworker and carpenter. Jenks, a computer security consultant, enjoys sailing and woodworking. They finished in 4th place last year with a time of 3:14:54. This is their third attempt at the Challenge.

Team #11 – Rock and Rox Rowboat – Murrells Inlet, SC and Chapin, SC
Rock, a Miami native, currently resides in Chapin, SC with Nancy, his wife of 37 years. He enjoys fishing, family time and working on his marine invention. He is inspired by his father Charles who built many boats as Rock was growing up. Roxanne, a registered nurse, lives in Murrells Inlet with husband Ray, their five year old daughter, six rescue dogs and one cat. Last Christmas Roxanne purchased the bateau plans so she and her father could compete in the Challenge. This is their first attempt. Good luck to this Daddy Daughter Duo.

Team #12 – Zack and Mark Westmoreland Myrtle Beach SC
This team is back for the third year. Zack, a carpenter and woodworker, competed in 2012 with a different brother. He says he’s found the best carpenter in SC. He loves to work with wood in any shape or form and has a knack for thinking things through. Brother Mark claims that he can drive nails from 50 feet away with just his voice. He has a love for woodworking, a good eye for detail and enjoys playing pool, fishing and spending time with family.