2018 Teams

David Scott and Scott Hillger – Sinking Spring, OH and Hillsboro, OH
Back for their fourth year! David is an Engineering Technology Instructor at Ohio Valley CTC. Husband of one, father of four, grandfather of eleven, David’s goal for the Challenge is to build in under two hours and to not crash into anyone during the rowing race this year. Scott, married to David’s youngest daughter, is a husband of one, father of one and grandfather of none. He is a lead machinist at PAS Technologies. He says about this year’s Challenge, “We hope to improve on both time and quality. We are also looking into bumpers for my partner’s rowing.” 

David Sippe and Jackson Sippe – Charlotte, NC and Boone, NC
A third year competitor, David has construction in his blood. Owner of an industrial construction company, David enjoys boating, fishing and old house restoration. He was first introduced to Georgetown when working on a project at Winyah power plant over 15 years ago. He loves the town so much that he and his family decided to purchase a house on Front Street that they are slowly renovating.  Jackson, also a third year competitor, will  again join his father in the competition. When not boat building, Jackson enjoys sailing, banjo playing and all things computers.

Tyler Newton and Andrew Newton – Fredericksburg, VA and Bluffton, SC
Back for a second year of punishment, Andrew, an IS Consultant and his brother Tyler, a teacher, have been messing around with boats their entire lives. Whether it’s restoring a Beetle Cat or sailing up the East Coast, the brothers are up for any type of boat related challenge. For this year, the brothers would like to have their Challenge bring awareness to Multiple Myeloma – a blood  cancer – and the challenges faced by the people fighting/living with this cancer.  

Mario Glorioso and Jamie Jamison – Pawleys Island, SC
Formerly from New York, Mario moved to South Carolina 13 years ago and enjoys the Southern life and outdoors. James recently moved to Pawleys Island from Oceanside, CA. He loves the beach, the outdoors and all the area has to offer.

Pierson Hotchkiss and Brian Frazier – Lexington, VA
Pierson is a big fan of Georgetown, a landlubber, and a land surveyor by trade. Brian is a cyclist, a plumber by trade, and a landlubber.