2022 Teams

James Burke & James Burke II – North Charleston, SC 
James Burke, a lifelong carpenter originally from Massachusetts, looks to compete for the 3rd time with his son James Burke II.

James Burke II, born and raised in coastal South Carolina, lives for the craft and being out on the water.

Sam Downs & Sam Gary – Pawleys Island, SC
Sam 1. Part A of the equal part Sam & Sam mixture.

Sam 2. Part B (the better half) of the equal part Sam & Sam mixture.

Bryce & Brian Becker – Newport, NC
Bryce Becker has been competing since his freshman year of high school, he’s built in all locations from Belfast Maine to Georgetown, South Carolina. This is his second time building with his father Brian Becker.

Capt. Brian Becker hails from Newport, NC. This year is his second time attempting to build a wooden boat and he still does not think it is too difficult however, cutting a straight line or an angle seems to be hard to master. A native of Miramar, FL, Brian is a former U.S. Marine and lifelong boater. In his spare time he fixes boats for friends and does a little fishing and diving.