2023 Exhibit Winners


1st Place to #3
Nolan Sires, Charleston, SC 

Owner’s first boat build project.  Designed to mimic an 18th century boat.  The boat is hand rivetted without glue.



1st Place to #101
Carley, Abner, Clarksville, GA

Designed and built by the owner.  He used western red cedar.  It has a laser engraved mountain scape on the hull.



1st Place #209
Russell Stewart, Pawleys Island, SC

Built as a true “sea kayak” for use in the ocean. Constructed from a variety of different species of wood including Alaskan White Cedar, Western Red Cedar, Mahogany, and Cherry.


Judges Award #206
Barbara Singer, Galivants Ferry, SC

Built in 2023 after husband built a kayak in 2022.  The boat lives in Galivant’s Ferry, SC and is used in the Pee Dee watershed that feeds into Georgetown. 



1st Place #304
Robert McNabb, Check, VA

The Paddle Barge.  Owner cut all of the wood from live trees he hand selected.  Uses the board frequently to go fishing with his dog.



1st Place #411
George Scarborough, Charleston, SC

Owner is a master carpenter who used his skills to restore the boat.  The boat was once owned and sailed by George Scarborough.  It was built in 1972 and restored in the last year.


Judges Award #401
Walter Atkins, Wilmington, NC

Built by students at Cape Fear Community College.  The attention to detail is incredible.  It is clear that the instructor (Walter Atkins) and the students were passionate about the build.



1st Place #452
Randall Swan, Mount Pleasant, SC

Owner has had the boat for more than 50 years.  It is beautifully designed with juniper and mahogany and other high quality building materials.



1st Place #503
Jeff Efird, Mount Pleasant, SC

Owner’s first boat build.  Went to a week of boat building school in Maine.  Worked on the boat for over 20 years.  He decided that after 20 plus years of working on it, he would enter it into the Gtown Wooden Boat Show and commit to finishing it prior.


Judges Award #502
Paul Diephaus, Johns Island, SC

Based on a design from Indian guides.  Designed to take multiple hunters on long trips and can hold over 2,000 lbs. so big game kills can be transported.  Owner uses the boat frequently for fishing and shrimping with his kids.



1st Place #551
Bob Dunphy, Cape Coral, FL

Originally made by Dunphy Boatworks which was acquired by Chris Craft.  Boat has been passed down in the family for generations.  Owner uses the boat frequently.


Judges Award #552
Walter Hardin, Rock Hill, SC

This boat was in BAD shape when the owner purchased it.  He had to rebuild most of the wood structure including the hull.  It is completely restored to it original condition or better.



1st Place #604
Gregory Moore, Murphy, NC

Built in 1946 by AJ Higgins, designer and manufacturer of the famous WWII Higgins Boat.  Owner purchased the boat because of its historical significance and crafted the restoration to honor the Higgins name.



1st Place #667
Wayne Watson, Anderson, SC

Owner found the boat in a house he purchased on a lake.  The house had a canal that allowed boats to be parked off the lake under the house.  He had never restored a boat before and spent the next several years learning and figuring it out. 



1st Place #706
Dr. Frank Russell M.D., Pittsboro, NC

Designed from scratch in 1999.  Built to resemble a Chris Craft but improve upon the design.  Owner uses the boat frequently and claims that it is very fast.


Judges Award #708
Tommy Graham, McClellanville, SC

McClellanville, SC owner.  Uses the boat frequently.  Made of untraditional pine and cypress and constructed meticulously.  Owner has been a long time exhibitor at the Wooden Boat Show



1st Place #751
Carson Benton, Myrtle Beach, SC

Owner has two boats in the show.  This sail boat was almost a complete reconstruction project with little that could be salvaged.  The owner hopes to donate the boat someday to a nonprofit that will maintain it and use it to teach children to sail.



1st Place #803
Julie Bolt, Charlotte, NC

Designed after classic whaling boats.  Attention to detail is incredible.  He has the entire crew, nets, and other detailed extras on the boat.



1st Place #854
John Martin, Cottageville, SC

Owner built it for his son when he was 2yrs old.  Although it is small, his son has used it extensively.  This boat will be handed down in the family for many generations to come.


#803 Model Boat
Julie Bolt, Charlotte, NC