Carley Abner, Clarkesville, GA

“Building boats is really working with wood at a whole new level,” [Carley] says. “I discovered that this wasn’t just building an attractive boat, it was a whole new approach to art”.  Building kayaks and canoes is a three step process: selecting and pairing the right woods for the right effect, deciding on the theme and art design and the final construction and assembly process… Each one is a one-of-a-kind work of art, designed specifically for the individual client. “I love making boats, but it’s a real joy to watch one hit the water for the first time, paddled by a client who’s going to love it for years to come.”

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Chestatee 115 Strip Canoe,  11’6″ x 27″,  built 2018 by Carley Abner 

Etowah 120 Kayak, 12′ x 31″,  built 2018 by Carley Abner

Soque 140 – 14′ Stand Up Paddle Board, built 2020 by Carley Abner

Past exhibits built by Carley Abner