Ruby’s Return – an amazing story

“I was standing on the rear deck of a friend of mine’s boat at the Georgetown Wooden Boat Show in Georgetown, SC in October 2010, talking to this guy named Ken that owned the Owens docked just behind us, when we saw an Elco coming up the Sampit River. I made comment that I’d like to see an Elco, to which he replied, “My father has an Elco” I asked what kind and he told me a 1930 27 ft Marinette. I said to him that it sounds like one that I used to own. I asked him where his father got it from and he replied, “Well from me kind of indirectly” After talking for a while it was determined that the boat his father owned was indeed the same one that I had owned back in the mid ’70s that somehow went on a voyage of her own. I told Ken that I’d like to see the boat at some point but never was able to make it happen.”  Read more here: Ruby’s Return, WoodenBoat Magazine online