Winslow Jones, Johns Island, SC

Long Point Skiff 
built by Winslow Jones 2007/2008

Powered by a 20 HP Honda
Okoume plywood and pine
15 1/2 Length 48 Beam

Tom Hill, author of “Ultralight Boatbuilding”, designed the flat-bottom Long Point skiff for use in the shallows and coastal waters.

At a little less than 16 feet, the boat has high sides and a tall bow for added seaworthiness. Its 1-1/2-inch-thick bottom prevents oil canning in chop and its weight enhances stability. The flat bottom allows her to be beached and and it is easy to clean and refinish.  A 15-hp outboard drives the skiff along comfortably at 20 knots in the right water. The topsides are constructed of glued lapstrake plywood, and the garboards (lower planks) are quite wide, facilitating the building process. Plans from Thomas J. Hill Design Build, Burlington, Vt.

Tom Hill Boat Designs

2016 Outboard Power Category Winner

This is a very seaworthy little boat with a flat bottom of 1 1/2 inch plywood, 23 inches of freeboard mid ships and a 37 inch stem.  It will run better than 20 nmph as I have it set up, I cruise on plane at 18 to 20.  Of course, the sea conditions set the speed for a flat bottom boat, some days are better than others.  It draws about a foot when running and about half that with the motor tilted.  I average about 14 nmph on an 8 or so hour trip.


I built this boat, which was my first, over 10 years ago.  The year I launched it I found out about the Georgetown Wooden Boat show and decided to attend.  It is about 60 miles by road and about 80 miles by water from where I launch.  I registered as an “in water” exhibitor and started planning my first trip up the Intracoastal Water Way.  This is where the bug bit and through many “cruisers” attending the shows I figured out you don’t have to have big equipment to have big fun and adventure.  These people are just as interested in how I do it as I am how they do it.  Since my first show I have only missed 1,  because I was out of the country.  This year would have been my 10th consecutive year.  It has become part of life, I think I still have a few more in me so I’m already planning next year.


This show is wonderful for boat builders and I have made many friends through the years from the ranks of builders, owners, and attendees.  This show is for everyone and anyone, the staff and volunteers that organize the show are outstanding in every way.  The first one we had 2 guests join us and we have had as many as a dozen or so.  A sponsorship is a good way to treat your friends to a wonderful weekend of food and fun.  Try it, Hope will be happy to give you the details I’m sure.  – Winslow Jones

Headed to the Georgetown Show from Kiawah. (Photo by Mackall Horres)