Exhibitor Info

Wooden Boat Exhibitors

Registration is limited to boats whose main structural strength is derived from wood components. External applications or sheathing of fiberglass, reinforced plastic, etc. are acceptable.

Boats will be displayed on Front Street between Orange and Queen Streets. Floating dinghy docks projecting into the Sampit River will be used for water displays. Dock space for larger vessels is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Drafts up to seven feet can be accommodated.

The award categories for the exhibit are: (Classic categories are for vessels 50 years or older)

  1. More Details | Row
  2. More Details | Classic Row
  3. More Details | Canoe
  4. More Details | Classic Canoe
  5. More Details | Kayak
  6. More Details | Classic Kayak
  7. More Details | Surf/Paddle
  8. More Details | Classic Surf/Paddle
  9. More Details | Sail
  10. More Details | Classic Sail
  11. More Details | Inboard Power
  12. More Details | Classic Inboard
  13. More Details | Outboard Power
  14. More Details | Classic Outboard
  15. More Details | Owner Designed and Built
  16. More Details | Century Class -100 years or older
  17. More Details | Model Boats
  18. More Details | Cradle Boats & more…

“People’s Choice Award” will also be presented.

Commercial Exhibitors

Only marine vendors, businesses, artists and craftsmen whose products or services are relevant to the theme of the show will be accepted.

These exhibits require the submission of photos and pre-approval by the Exhibit Jury. Photos may be e-mailed HERE. Please include your name, phone number and a description of your commercial exhibit.

PLEASE NOTE: commercial exhibitors may not sell or give away T-shirts, hats,  water, drinks, food or anything that competes with food and merchandise sold by the Georgetown Wooden Boat Show.

Exhibitor Fees

Wooden boat registration

  • $35 per applicant –  includes the registration of one boat, a 2014 WBS T-shirt,  a welcome packet and one ticket to the Awards Dinner to be held at 7 PM under the Wooden Boat Challenge tent.
  • Additional boats may be registered by the same applicant for $5 each.
  • Additional Awards Dinner tickets for family members or guests are $20 each.

Commercial exhibit registration

  • $50 per applicant for a 10 x 10 space
  • $25 for  a one day City of Georgetown peddler’s license.
  • If you are showcasing a product line but not selling it at the show then the peddler’s license is not required.