The Write Boat Blog - Scenes from the 24th GWBS

The Write Boat Blog:

"The 24th Annual Georgetown Wooden Boat Show was the perfect event to pull the community together following the devastating September 25, 2013 waterfront fire. A record attendance provided a morale and economic boost to the business community and South Carolina Maritime Museum.  Beautiful boats.  Beautiful weather.  Smiling faces. A good time had by all.  And a most appreciative community."  Read more here: The Write Boat Blog, Monday, October 28, 2013 


US 17 Coastal Highway - Views from the 24th GWBS

US 17 Coastal Highway Blog: "I haven't been to the Georgetown Wooden Boat Show in over ten years - but this year I was determined to go after a fire destroyed historic buildings along Front Street in Georgetown's historic district.  I arrived mid-morning - and was thrilled to see that the place was packed!  I also felt quite a bit of guilt, since I have a neglected wooden boat (21' sailboat) on a trailer in my backyard desperately in need of sanding, varnishing - and as we all know, sailing.  Boats like to be out on the water.   Boy, there were some beautiful (and much loved) boats there." Read More Here: Views from the 24th Annual Georgetown Wooden Boat Show

Neuse River Sailors - GWBS 2013

"Vagñona", a 23 foot Joel White centerboard sloop built of Atlantic white cedar and a variety of other woods. She carries 950 pounds of ballast in her keel, plus another 120 pounds in her 5 foot 1 inch centerboard. Auxiliary power is provided by a 24 volt electric motor that will push the boat at half speed for six hours. This beautifully crafted vessel was the first project of John McFadden of Mount Pleasant, SC. Vagñona is a slang Italian term for girlfriend, and I'd consider myself very fortunate to have a girlfriend this pretty.

Out on the boardwalk, I immediately recognized the brigantine "Fritha", which wintered over in Beaufort last year. I stood around and watched as the crew blancoed the deck and house, and chatted with another spectator about the Hornblower and Aubrey books, the Johnsons and their voyages on various Yankees, at least one of which was a brigantine much like "Fritha", and other matters nautical."

Read more here: Neuse River Sailors, Sailing the Neuse, the Pamlicos and Beyond 



Come rain or shine we're having a boat show!

People are calling and asking if we're still going to have THE SHOW if it rains. Whaaaaaaat! Boaters are not afraid of water!

Lot's of boats are already set up on the water and Front Street is going to be jammed with boats and other exhibitors. Front Street is buzzing with activity.

Ruby's Return - an amazing story

"I was standing on the rear deck of a friend of mine’s boat at the Georgetown Wooden Boat Show in Georgetown, SC in October 2010, talking to this guy named Ken that owned the Owens docked just behind us, when we saw an Elco coming up the Sampit River. I made comment that I’d like to see an Elco, to which he replied, “My father has an Elco” I asked what kind and he told me a 1930 27 ft Marinette. I said to him that it sounds like one that I used to own. I asked him where his father got it from and he replied, “Well from me kind of indirectly” After talking for a while it was determined that the boat his father owned was indeed the same one that I had owned back in the mid '70s that somehow went on a voyage of her own. I told Ken that I’d like to see the boat at some point but never was able to make it happen."  Read more here: Ruby's Return, WoodenBoat Magazine online


Susan Tiller - 2013 Poster Artist

The Harbor Historical Association of Georgetown is pleased to announce its selection of  Susan Tiller as the official poster artist for the 24th Annual Wooden Boat Show.

Susan Tiller recreated and enhanced a valuable piece of Georgetown history with her painting titled “Dressed for the Occasion,” which is featured on the 2013 Wooden Boat Show poster and T-shirt.

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SCIWAY Picture Project features GWBS

SCIWAY Picture Project features Georgetown Wooden Boat Show.

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2012 Challenge Teams

Veteran boatbuilders and first-timers will go head to head in this year's Wooden Boat Challenge.  Click HERE to see who will be competing to build a 12 foot Carolina Bateau within a four hour time limit. Then get on down to Georgetown and cheer for your favorite team on Saturday, October 20th.